''Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.

''Its a duty of every church,parents to raise their kids in word of God.The right foundation always help to build strong home.We focus on kids activities and nourish them from word of God and give a little push in their God gifted talents. So they can use it for the one who give him.His name is Jesus Christ our Lord.


''The wise woman builds her house''

''Focusing and Nourishing educating and empowering from the word of God'.

Reaching Youth's

''How can a young person stay on the path of purity? By living according to your word''.(Psalm 119:9)

“The greater your knowledge of the goodness and grace of God on your life, the more likely you are to praise Him in the storm.”

As we can see these days youth are getting involve in wrong things like (addiction's Alcohol /Adult things/Human trafficking/Drugs and many more.)I believe it is because of wrong guidance and not having knowledge from word of God.Not encounter with love of Christ grace of Christ.Things are getting worse day by day.So we are working and reaching youths crowd and people through gospel Music concerts ,Youth conferences,youth retreat,e.t.c.To tell that there is hope in Jesus Christ.

''Jesus came to serve,not to be served''

Christ came to serve to exemplify service. True service is a response, just as our Lord demonstrated. It comes from our gratitude in realizing who Christ is, what He has shown us we can do, and our opportunities and our response in gladness to those around us (Matt. 20:27-28; Luke 22:27; John 12:25-26; 13:2-5; Phil. 2:1-4).


Mark 5:19 But Jesus said, “No, go home to your family, and tell them everything the Lord has done for you and how merciful he has been.”

Testimony always help us to see how God is working and touching life's.

''Her name is Preeti  from New Delhi. She belongs from non-christian background.Her father passed away few years back. Now she is living with her younger sister and mother together.She was going through very tough times in his life.She use to go temples,and do all things what her religion says to do,she was still struggling to find living God,but nothing is happen.One day one of her friend tell her about visit church.So she decide that she try this also.She having no idea what is about to come next in her life,her life is taking new turn.She visit church attend worship and listen the word of God while she was listening ,she felt that something touched her,supernaturally she feel that God touched her comfort her that. He is the way the truth and the life,and our Lord Jesus Christ touched her.And Her life was so changed,she found what she is running after,she found Jesus Christ.Not only this now she growing in word of God and coming church and also working in church team helping and sharing other about Jesus Christ.

Glory Honor Praise to Lord our God Jesus Christ.


''God wiped my tear,turn my sorrow into joy''

Sister Sunita Jordan,Testify that Jesus changed her life.She was lost in the world.She said she always felt that God call her but, she keep resisting denying the voice of the Lord.She is mother of 3 Children and house wife.Her husband was addicted to alcohol.Her daily life keep on going.But one day her husband got,sick she run to call ambulance when ambulance take her husband hospital.Doctor said nothing they can do its to late because her husband both kidney failed.She lost her husband ,she was broken.Her two kids was just 7-8 years old one was in her arms.She lost everything ,she don't know what she will do.But her dad take care of her for sometime.After his dad passed away she was alone with her kids.She speaks  when her husband died she become so ridged that she not even go church.But her father is believer an trust God.He keep telling  her about God.But she denies one day after losing husband and father,she was sitting and thinking about his life and kids.And voice come to her that ''I have seen your tears and pain,Ill not leave you nor forsake you.She go scared and look around.Then she remember this happens to her many time she understood its voice of God.She comes to church listen word of God and after pastor give alter call she start Crying and God give her peace.And know she is spreading the love of God.And know she understood that she said that I'm  not alone from day one

''Jesus Christ is with me always''


''I'm save by his grace''

This young boy is just 24years old,His name is Austin.He was born and brought up in christian family.But while he was growing he was phasing some family issues.Because of that,he was so disappointed and alsohe and his family was so far from the Lord.He says that few year back because of some family issues,he decided to leave his house and live with her granny,so he shifted.One day he was sleeping and he start seeing bad dreams.He was so scared that he couldn't  sleeps.Every night,he start feeling that something living with him in his own house.He saw shadows of person in his house.And he said that one day he decide to go one prayer meeting going near to his house and while prayer was going on.He start screaming  and running,but after sometime he got of the pastor tell him that don't worry it was evil spirit.But now you are delivered from this.But this word evil spirit take him into deep darkness.He was so scared and he was conformed that what he sees in his house its true.He was living in so much fear.But one day he meet with our Pastor Adesh and he share everything.After minutes counselling. Pastor share the truth that there is no darkness when you accept Christ Jesus you are in the light,and free.He keep saying that Jesus is in me,I am children of God.And he started coming to church every Sunday and Now he is not only completely delivered from that fear in his mind.He decide to follow Christ.He take baptism and doing ministry sharing that how Lord Jesus set him free.And at present he is taking Pastor training.He speak boldly  that.

''His grace find me and saves me''

Glory to Jesus Christ.

"We are not under curse or condemnation but under GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ"